15:12 Leo Sapega streets in Minsk and Niasviz?


The municipal authorities in the caital Minsk and the town of Niasviz will review proposals from the Belarusian Language Society about naming several streets after Leo Sapega, the Chancellor of the Great Duchy of Lithuania. The decision to review the proposals have been confirmed in the letters from the Minsk City Hall and the Minsk Regional Admnistration in respond to the appeal of the Belarusian Language Society to the Office of the President in connection with the upcoming 450th birthday anniversary of the renowned Belarusian.

The authorities also wrote that a monument to Leo Sapega was planned to be errected in the town of Slonim in 2009.

Besides, the administration of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus told the Belarusian Language Society that an international conference on the life and activites of Leo Sapega would take place in April. The conference is to be organized by the Hrodna State University and the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.