1,000 copies of Vital Silitski's book destroyed

Кнігу Віталя Сіліцкага накладам 1000 экземпляраў знішчылі

Book of political scientist Vital Silitski "The Long Road from Tyranny: Post-. Communist Authoritarianism and Struggle for Democracy in Serbia and Belarus" was released by the ARCHE journal publishing house in October 2015.

The book was written in English, but the publisher of the journal translated it into Belarusian and published 1,000 copies of it in the private publishing house "Palikraft". However, the entire print run was ordered to be destroyed. According to some reports, the order came from the Ministry of Information. Euroradio learned it from several related sources who wished not to be named.

Vital Silitski worked on the book for 10 years and did not have time to finish it. The author compared the political regimes in Yugoslavia in the 90s and today's Belarus.

The publishing house representatives noted that there was no direct order from the Ministry, but the print run was destroyed. The Ministry representatives told Euroradio that it was the first time they hear that a book was dstroyed in Belarus.