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Belarus minister: Russia manipulated test results on Belarusian foodstuffs

Belarusian Agriculture Minister Leanid Zayats. Photo: BELTA

Russians may be juggling with the test results of Belarusian foodstuffs, Belarusian Minister of Agriculture Leanid Zayats said in an interview with Belarusian TV channel ONT. The Russian Agricultural Inspectorate is biased against Belarusian enterprises, so juggling should not be ruled out, he said.

"The Russian Agricultural Inspectorate is accusing Belarusian dairy enterprises and buttery farms for no reason,” Zayats said. Belarusian officials should be defending our country’s interests more actively, phe reckons. Political commentator Kiryl Koktysh said the same in an interview with Euroradio recently.

On June 9, Minsk and Moscow agreed to lift mutual restrictions imposed on the supplies of dairy products.