Zaika: Lukashenka will have to sign EAEU agreement anyway


The well-known economist has commented on the statements made by the Belarusian President today. Alyaksandr Lukashenka has already left for Astana. The Belarusian, Kazakhstani and Russian Presidents will have to sign the Eurasian Economic Union creation agreement there on May 29.

Lukashenka criticized the text of the agreement before leaving. Belarus was offered different terms earlier and the new document contains customs exceptions, he said.

Russia’s greed is to blame for it, Leanid Zaika thinks:

Zaika: "One barrel of oil used to cost $15 in Yeltsin’s time and 100 cubic meters of gas cost 15 dollars too. The price increased by 10 times after Yeltsin, Ukrainian started paying 30 times more for gas… Russia could have created a free trade zone but did not do it – it decided to make money on neighbours. And Lukashenka understands it.”

Nevertheless, Lukashenka will sign the agreement in Astana because he has no other way out, the expert said. The Belarusian business will have to pay for it, Zaika added.