Yury Zisser made his class skip school, Vitalik “Artist” spoilt class register


ERB reporters have asked Yury Zisser, Adam Globus, Vitalik “Artist” and Nika Sandros to share their school memories with them on Teacher's Day. We were interested in outrages performed by our heroes out of class.

The vocalist of “beZ bileta” Vitalik “Artist” immediately recalled the biggest catastrophe of his school years:

Vitalik “Artist”: “There was an extraordinary occurrence connected with my favourite teacher Andrei Adamavich Byalko who was our class form-master. One class got cancelled and we were playing snowballs. We opened the register to look at our marks.

It was on the second floor. I opened the window for some reason and my friend threw a snowball in the open window from the street. I was looking through the register without permission at that moment.

To cut it short, the snowball landed in the register. All notes were made in ink there. Everything got blurred. Oh, my!”

Nobody knows what could have been done to Vitalik for the spoilt journal. He left for Poland together with his parents the following day.

Vitalik “Artist”: “It happened in my absence: “GUYS, WHO SPOILT THE REGISTER?!” I was eating canapes at that moment…”

A writer and publisher Adam Globus is considered a trouble-maker in Belarusian literary circles. Mr.Globus known as Uladzimir Adamchyk was… a much worse trouble-maker in his school years. He was a real madcap.

Adam Globus: “I used to fight a lot. It was a bandit school. Everyone had knives and weapons on them. Seven of my classmates got imprisoned and the eighth was a girl.

Teachers used to beat us. Our PE teacher beat me when I injured a girl in her head with a puck. But he did not beat my brains out”.

Naturally, Adam Globus is not going to apologize to anyone from his school.

Adam Globus: “I promised that I would never return there when I graduated. I said I would not curse it but I was close to hating that school”.

An artist Nika Sandros was the exact antithesis of Adam Globus at school. She pleased teachers with her progress and behaviour.

Nika Sandros: “I was a calm, quiet and well-bred child. I was far from the intrigues my classmates were involved in. Moreover, I have never smeared anyone with toothpaste in summer camps”.

But should we remind that still waters run deep?

Nika Sandros: “Hunters came to us once and brought some ducks. There were about 10 ducks. They were warm but already dead. I decided to put them in my sister’s bed. My sister came, undressed and lay in her bed. Can you imagine it? A person is in bed. And there is something warm and furry in there. The bed was full of such things”.

It can only be called a thriller! However, while Nika Sandros did not mean anything evil, the head of the board of directors of “TUT.BY” Yury Zisser deliberately persuaded his classmates into skipping classes once.

Yury Zisser: “I did something wrong to my form-master. I persuaded my classmates into skipping classes when we were in the 9th form. We attended the first lesson of our favourite teacher and skipped the rest.

The pupils’ load was so big that we spend 6 or 7 hours doing our homework. So I persuaded pupils into running away”.

Yury Anatolievich would like to apologize to his teacher. However, he doubted that she would be able to hear him.

Yury Zisser: “It was in Lvov so she will not hear me… She lives in Israel now, Sofia Moiiseyevna Freger”.

But Yury Zisser must know that Internet is powerful. However, Yury Anatoliyevich, we think that your teacher forgave you long ago.