Yury Zaharanka’s mother wants his case closed


Ulyana Zaharanka has sent a complaint to Prosecutor General Alyaksandr Kanyuk.  She has asked to close her son’s disappearance case. Te ex-Minister of Internal Affairs went missing in May 1999. Ulyana Zaharanka has also asked the Investigation Committee to allow her to see the case papers collected by investigators.

The statute of limitations was over in May (15 years),Ulyana Zaharanka’s representative, human rights defender Aleh Vouchak, told Radio Liberty. The court has the right to announce Yury Zaharanka dead now – the case was sent to court 12 years ago. Then Zaharanka’s relatives will be able to get his 4-room flat in Minsk and use it as they wish. Moreover, Zaharanka’s mother will get the right to study the case papers and fund out what investigators have been doing for 15 years, Vouchak said.

The fact that the case will be closed does not mean that the investigation will be stopped, the human rights defender said. Minsk police will have to continue the investigation until Yury Zaharanka is found.

Photo: svaboda.org