Yulya Nestsyarenka not to go to the Olympics in Peking?

“The white lightning” is going to miss a contest again.

The Olympic Champion is going to miss the Belarusian Athletics Cup this year. She did not manage to win anything, even the contest of the country, after her sudden victory in the 100m sprint at the Olympic Games in Athens. Will Belarusians lose their “legend”? In spite of it Yulya is still in group A, which includes the most successful sportsmen of the country. Everyone hopes they will successfully perform at the Olympic Games in Peking. And they get the payment, vitamins and food.

The manager of the Belarusian national team Anatol Badueu noted that Yulya’s rehabilitation period was a bit too long. She has time till August to show what she can do. What was meant by it? ERB turned to Anatol Badueu for explanations:

“It is necessary to be in good physical and psychological health. That’s what was meant by it. If she recovers she will show what she can do”.

ERB turned to Yulya’s husband and coach Dzmitry Nestsyarenka to find our in what condition she was.

“We are starting to train in August. We need a year for rehabilitation. We have already said we would not take part in competitions this year”.

It turns out that Yulya will also miss the World Championship. So will we see her at the Olympic Games in Peking? Licenses will be given out in Japan. The press secretary of the National Olympic Committee Pyotr Rabuhin said that Yulya still had a chance to get to the Olympics:

“She just needs to take part in the contest of the International Association and go through the qualification norms. If she succeeds in it there will be no problem with participation in the Olympic Games and she will not need to participate in any contests”.

It is possible to get the license till August 1, 2008. So Yuliya Nestsyarenka will not have much time to get the “precious” license. And she will need to show good results for it. The minimum is 11.32 seconds for group B and 11.21 second for group A. Let us remind you that Yulya was sixth at the last European Championship and her result was 11.34…

Yulya Nestsyarenka started showing worse results after she left her coach Victar Yarashevich. Now Victar refuses to talk about Nestsyarenka. The only thing ERB managed to find out is that he already found a person who would replace Nestsyarenka:

“It is hard to repeat this result. But we are aiming at it. Now I have Anastasiya Shulyak. She has been in the national team for four years. She is in group B but I hope she will get in group A soon”.

What other Belarusians can get a license for the Olympic 100m sprint? ERB asked Anatol Badueu about it. He thinks that three more women can get it. Among them are Alena Nemerzhytskaya, Aksana Drahun and Natallya Safronnikava. By the way, all of them left Yulya Nestyarenka behind at the last Belarusian Championship.