This year's grain harvest in Belarus worst in last 20 years

Grain harvest / Valery Matytsyn / TASS

Grain harvest / Valery Matytsyn / TASS / Валерый Матыцын / ТАСС

This year's grain harvest in Belarus is the worst in 20 years. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, a total of 6.1 million tons of grain have been harvested. Compared to the official plan, the shortfall amounted to 2.8 million tons. The harvest is 2.5 million tons less than last year.

As long-term practice shows, the harvest will decrease even more due to shrinking and drying. After all, we're talking about the gross grain harvest. The final figures of the National Statistics Committee are usually lower than those of the Ministry of Agriculture.

This year's harvest is the worst in 20 years. It was worse only in 2006, when exactly 6 million tons of grain were harvested. In 2010, which officials themselves called a failure, the harvest was 6.5 million tons. In 2023, not much more was harvested.

In 2021, the Ministry of Agriculture estimated the minimum needs of Belarus for feed grain at 5 million tons. Another 1 million tons were needed for seeds and the same amount for the food industry. That is, the minimum that was necessary for Belarus two years ago is 7 million tons of grain per year.

This means that the authorities will have to buy 1 million tons of grain abroad. Most likely, this will be done in Russia (even though there is no grain apocalypse in Belarus, as propagandists claim). This is what success of Belarusian agriculture looks like.

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