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Witness in Yapryntsaus trial: Son lost $30M in Forex gambling


Uladzimir Yapryntsau and his son Kazbek today stood the first day of trial on charges of gross scale fraud committed by a group of persons. During the first day, the court questioned one of the victims - Andrei Rabtsevich, CEO at the Estonian firm Gaztrans. The witness talked about the contract to supply fuel for Ukrainian army. According to Rabtsevich, he had wired $2.8 million to an offshore bank account but the contract was not executed and he tried to get his money bank in vain.

Rabtsevich said that Kazbek Yapryntsau lost $30 million and his father tried to pay off his son's debts. Initially, Yapryntsau Sr. claimed the money got suspended at a deposit account. Later, he complained the money was stolen. Eventually, he had to admit that Kazbek had lost a huge amount and money was not available.

Rabtsevich also said he therefore had problems with his creditors who demanded that he reports to the Belarusian police in order to claim the money back from Yapryntsau. This episode took place in late July 2015.

The questionning of Gaztrans CEO will contine on Tuesday, July 5, reports BelaPAN.

Uladzimir and Kazbek Yapryntsau have been in pretrial detention since the summer of 2015. Uladzimir Yapryntsau was a deputy to Yury Chyzh in the Triple Group of companies. As of writing, Yury Chyzh is in pretrial detention under investgation on charges of gross fraud.