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Viktar Lukashenka buys embroidery shirts, looks through Pahonya folders

President Lukashenka's eldest son and national security advisor Viktar Lukashenka. Photo:

Viktar Lukashenka, the President’s eldest son, bought embroidery shirts and looked through Pahonya folders at the Slavonic Bazaar in Viciebsk, according to Pavel Belavus who runs shop that sells Belarusian ethnic symbols and accesories. Owner of the clothes shop Valery Esipyonak told him the story, Pavel wrote on Facebook.

"Viktar Lukashenka and his guards approached their tent at the festival,” Belavus wrote. “He tried on and bought four embroidery shirts and looked through Pahonya folders. Then he said that it would have been great to see our shop at the festival in [Lukashenka's home village] Alexandria, smiled and left.”

Meanwhile, the police have again started detaining people (football fans, a half-marathon runner) with white-red-white flags recently.