Valery Vakulchyk

Belarus has declared two foreigners accused of being spies as persona non grata, the head of the state security service says.
Belarus President Aliaksandr Lukashenka orders the state security service head to preserve peace and order in Belarus at any cost.
On Tuesday, Valery Vakulchyk told reporters the details of the recent high-profile cases.
Servolux owner Yauhen Baskin ends up behind bars along with CFO and other employees - a total of 15 persons.

Wife of the convicted intelligence officer whom he 'drew into the illegal activities' received the same sentence.

The official decision about the changes was taken on May 7.

The Belarus' and international biathlon star gets a hot welcome at Minsk airport after winning two gold medals in Spain.

The head of state also demanded to intensify the fight against corruption.

Valery Vakulchuk has talked to MPs and answered journalists’ questions.