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KGB: 20 people detained including Yury Chyzh


KGB Chairman Valery Vakulchyk said on Tuesday that the businessman Yury Chyzh had opened a fake firm in Russia for conducting financial fraud. "The financial and economic activity had not been planned from the start," Belta quoted Vakulchyk. The firm was headed by a citizen of Russia, the assistant and the driver of Chyzh.

The scheme worked as follows: four years ago, "Triple" gave the new company the right for the trademark. Then each month, he trasferred there large sums of money, supposedly as payment for the use of the trademark. This money was cashed by the CEO and the sole employee of the company, and later transferred to Chyzh, reports.

We are talking about billions of rubles of unpaid taxes. In the case of Chyzh, five people were arrested, one person was detained, said the chairman of the KGB. It turns out that Yury Chyzh fled towards the Lithuanian border, and then drove to the Brest road, he was driving a car "at high speed, 220 kilometers per hour." "Interception" plan was activated to detain him.

Also Valery Vakulchyk said that the deputy  of Yury Chyzh in the company "Triple" Uladzimir Yapryntsau was arrested last summer after a claim from the firm's head. Along with Chyzh, KGB was contacted by his two Russian partners. They highlighted the illegal activities of Yapryntsau. During the investigation of this case was found evidence of tax evasion by the group of companies "Triple," added Vakulchyk.

On March 15, it became known about the detention of another Belarusian businessman Yauhen Baskin, the owner of "Servolux". Vakulchyk confirmed the existence of the criminal case on the company. Fifteen people were detained, who, according to the chairman of the KGB, until recently considered themselves "untouchable." The losses caused by the company equal roughly 370 billion rubles. Criminal cases were also launched against officials of "Frontex" and "Consul", reports.


KGB Chairman Valery Vakulchyk. Photo: BELTA