Unexpected meeting of Myasnikovich and Medvedev in Sochi


It was also attended by vice-premier of the Russian government Arkady Dvorkovich, head of the Presidential Administration of Belarus Andrei Kabyakou

"I'm glad to have our next meeting, they tend to be busy, RIA Novosti quoted the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. - Let's talk about the current agenda, let's talk about the economy, about the investment plans. All that we usually discuss with you."

Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Myasnikovich thanked Medvedev for organizing the meeting. He noted that Belarus continues to work on the preparation of the budget. "And in this regard, of course, the issues are related to the work under the new conditions, as defined by the agreement on the Eurasian Economic Union. Thus in the parliament these issues did not go together,"  said Myasnikovich. He added that the next discussion in the Parliament is scheduled for Thursday

As you know, we are talking about the consequences for the Belarusian economy due to tax maneuver in Russia's oil industry (losses are estimated at $1 billion). Belarusian authorities are hoping for concessions from Russia, and, without deciding the issue, are not in a hurry to ratify the treaty on the European Economic Union. 

Dmitry Medvedev said that "hard work in preparing the budget in Russia is already finished," and expressed the hope that the Government of Belarus and "everything will be in normal mode." His words may mean that the Belarusian side will fail to get some concessions in the short term. 

Photo - ria.ru