Unemployment benefits may increase almost 8 times

Памер дапамогі па беспрацоўі могуць павялічыць амаль у 8 разоў

Belarus plans to increase unemployment benefits almost 8 times - up to the size of the living wage. This was announced by the head of the employment policy of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection Aleh Takun.

"At present, we are working on the issue of improving the mechanism to support the unemployed by adjusting the size of unemployment benefits to the size of the minimum subsistence budget, including by introducing a mechanism of unemployment insurance," said the head of department.

According to official data, as of November 1 this year, the unemployment benefits were received by 18.1 thousand of unemployed or 42.5% of the registered jobless citizens.

The average amount of aid in October this year amounted to 197 thousand rubles. The budget of the subsistence minimum per capita is 1.57 million rubles a month. Thus, the increase will amount to almost 8 times.

Photo: rework.by