Ukrainian Right Sector demands referendum of no-confidence to government

The Ukrainian nationalist party Right Sector will not take part in the local elections, its leader Dmytro Yarosh said after a meeting in Kiev on July 21. The nationalists are going to initiate a referendum to express no-confidence to “all the branches of power”.

The Right Sector has refused from radical actions. Nevertheless, the motto of the meeting organized in Maidan Nezalezhnosti was ‘Down with the government of traitors!’ and the current Ukrainian government is called ‘an antinational regime’ in the invitation published on the organization’s website, BBC reports.

The Right Sector is against destabilization, Dmytro Yarosh said before the meeting. “We know that they expected us to set the Verkhovna Rada on fire and assault administrative buildings... But we are not slaves who can swallow Putin’s baits,” Yarosh announced.