Two Belarus men on espionage trial in Poland

The Belarus-Poland border

The Belarus-Poland border

Poland has accused two Belarus citizens of espionage. The trial is taking place behind closed doors because national secrets may be exposed during hearings, reports Radio Poznan.

It is assumed that between March 6 and April 4, 2022, the Poznan-based Belarusians were part of an operation carried out by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Republic of Belarus.

The men were detained in April last year. According to the investigators, they arrived in Poland allegedly to get driver jobs. The Polish prosecutors are of the view that the men were collecting intelligence about  the military units and civilian objects in western Poland.

The two Belarusians are currently in a remand jail. One of them is a trained musician who could be seen playing drums and working as a driver in Poland. Today, before the prosecution finished reading the charges, he had managed to state that he had all legit grounds and documents for work in Poland. The other defendant is a retired soldier. None of them was previously convicted in Poland or Belarus.

The accused Belarusians are facing up to ten years in prison.

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