Top MIA official spoke about Lukashenka's 'main reserve'

"Veterans" of special forces / Telegram

"Veterans" of special forces / Telegram / Telegram

Deputy Interior Minister, commander of internal troops Mikalai Karpiankou recently spoke about the "main reserve" of Aliaksandr Lukashenka. These are units consisting of "volunteers" who previously served in special units of the internal troops or in special forces. There are 570 of them. This became known from the audio recording of Karpiankou's speech to the "volunteers", which was obtained by Zerkalo.

Recently, Belarus "suddenly" tested the combat readiness of "veterans" of special units of the internal troops. At the end of the training camp session, each of them received 140 rubles (in total, almost 80 thousand rubles were distributed). Mikalai Karpiankou highly appreciated the activity of instructors, who continue to work with soldiers of internal troops (during the summer-autumn they worked with 710 law enforcement officers, since October 18 - with 320 more). In his speech he also mentioned the new special units of the internal troops. There are already about 1,500 people in them. According to Karpiankou, they are "mobile, trained and well-equipped" and will cooperate with riot police and the special forces of the Interior Ministry.

All these special units have no problems with obtaining funding. Additional money will be spent also in 2024. The Internal Troops have bought about 680 kamikaze drones, 5 thousand new body armor (although Karpiankou recently spoke about an unknown case when a fighter of the Internal Troops wearing a vest was wounded), recently received "30 combat vehicles" with large-caliber machine guns.

With whom will this army fight? With Belarusians who might return from abroad. Karpiankou told the "veterans" that 350 thousand opponents of the regime have left Belarus. He sees the main danger in volunteers fighting in Ukraine and political refugees trained in Lithuania and Poland.

Mikalai Karpiankou also stated that "there are no Kalinouski fighters in the Ukrainian border area" and they do not observe their sabotage and reconnaissance groups. 

Карпянкоў расказаў пра "галоўны рэзерв" Лукашэнкі
Карпянкоў расказаў пра "галоўны рэзерв" Лукашэнкі

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