Textbook ‘without humiliation of Belarusian literature’ appears in Belarus

Photo: Radio Liberty

A textbook ‘without humiliation of the Belarusian literature’ has appeared in Belarus. The author of the book is well-known translator and pedagogue Lyavon Barshecheuski. The book Words And Images printed by the Yakub Kolas publishing house is an end-to end contest of the world literary process, Radio Liberty quotes Lyavon Barshcheuski.

The book Words And Images touches upon the main stages of the literary movement in the history. The author has selected the best examples of the Belarusian literature for every stage. Barshcheuski views the national literature on a broad scale, as part of the world literature. As a teacher, he insists on studying different literatures as one subject so that children could get system knowledge and save time.