Tatstsyana Kіbіna: I am a famous person now. But I did not write decree #991!

An ERB reporter has tried to set up an appointment with the official whose name was mentioned in the notorious decree #991. Information about possible authors of decree #991 appeared on the Internet soon after it was adopted. The world web thought that the author was Tatstsyana Kibina  - an employee of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus. An ERB reporter found Tatstayana Ivanauna’s phone number and tried to set up an appointment with her to tell her everything he though about the decree.

Zmіtser Hlіnskі: “Good afternoon! Could you tell me if I can set up an appointment with Kіbіna Tatstsyana Ivanauna, please?”

Interlocutor: “Tatstsyana Ivanauna does not accept any appointments. But who are you that you…?”

Zmіtser Hlіnskі: “I have just read some decree and I have a few suggestions about making it proper, I should say...”

Interlocutor: “Well, you know… First of all, I would like to tell you that it was written by some other person. So what? Do you want to give advice?”

Zmіtser Hlіnskі: “Well, yes, I do!”

Interlocutor: “I wanted to say that the person who elaborated the decree according to the Prime Minister’s order is on vacations now. He will return a bit later. If you have any suggestions – send them to the Council of Ministers in a written form and they will redirect them to the person dealing with this issue, that’s it”.

Zmіtser Hlіnskі: “Should I write to the Council of Ministers?”

Interlocutor: “If it is a decree of the Council of Ministers, you should”.

Zmіtser Hlіnskі: “Why is Tatstsyana Ivanauna mentioned as its executor? I do not understand…”

Interlocutor: “You do not have to understand the order of registration and adoption of documents. Tatstsyana Ivanauna is neither the executor not the author of the document”.

Zmіtser Hlіnskі: “Sorry for having disturbed you…”

Interlocutor: “It’s okay! It’s no problem, you can ask us but the person you should talk to is unavailable now…”

Zmіtser Hlіnskі: “Do you mean that Tatstsyana Ivanauna is unavailable?”

Interlocutor: “Tatstsyana Ivanauna is available! Tatstsyana Ivanauna is me – if you are interested in it. But I am not the author of that decree and there is nothing to discuss with me!”

Zmіtser Hlіnskі: “Oh, my! Then why did they put you name there???”

Tatstsyana Kіbіna: “You know, it does not matter why they did it! Are you interested in the scheme and reasons for adding names to decrees?”

Zmіtser Hlіnskі: “The thing is you name is mentioned when people talk about the decree’s author, so…”

Tatstsyana Kіbіna: “...there are many things being written about me. So what? Should I shoot myself? What can I do – this is the way it is and somebody has to be mentioned. So what?”

Zmіtser Hlіnskі: “You must be reciving a lot of phone calls now…”

Tatstsyana Kіbіna: “It is true? I am famous now”.

Zmіtser Hlіnskі: “Okay, sorry for having disturbed you”.

Tatstsyana Kіbіna: “Send you suggestions to the Council of Ministers – they will consider them”.

Thus, Tatstsyana Kіbіna was exposed by the publication of decree #991. Now she is receiving phone calls from everyone who is looking for the authors of the notorious document.