Takes 38 sec to cross Belarusian-Polish border (video)


do not have to leave your vehicle to cross the Belarusian-Polish border in Brest. A border control
officer will come over and do all paperwork. If you are using the green
channel, do not carry banned items and your passport is in order, it can
theoretically take you less than a minute to complete all formalities.

one-stop-shop service has been introduced in all checkpoints in Brest, except for


decision has been made that travelers should not be required to leave their
vehicles," Alyaksandr Tsishchanka, spokesman for the Belarusian State
Border Troops Committee, told ERB. "A border control officer will come
over, check the IDs of people traveling in the vehicle, take papers to the
desk, do all formalities and bring papers back to the travelers. In principle,
in the optimal case, if the traveler has no questions and problems, it would
take just 38 seconds."


said the one-shop-stop service will be introduced at all checkpoints.


the Border Troops Committee's video to see how it works. Tsishchanka said the
video features a real customs officer and an ordinary traveler.

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