Supreme Economic Court finds UCP’s website

The Supreme Economic Court of Belarus has found the website of the United Civil Party. The court sustained the case of Andrei Kozik, the son of the head of the Federation of Belarusian Trade Unions, who was not satisfied with information published at last year. The article described some details of “the business” of Andrei Kozik’s company and its connections with officials. The UCP refutes its relation to the mentioned website. But the court took another decision and announced that was UCP’s official web page. Liberals will have to apologise to Kozik Jr. and to refute the information on the website.

This is what the head of the legal service of the United Civil Party Syarhei Alfer said in an interview with ERB:

"It is practically impossible to obey their decision because there is no legal way for us to do it. Second, the decision is illegal. It turns out that anything can be attributed to an organization even if it does not belong to it and make the organization pay taxes".