Supreme Court postpones liquidation of Belarusian Communist Party


The Supreme Court has suspended the case of liquidation of the Belarusian Communist Party. Left-wing opposition members are not threatened with liquidation anymore.

The leader of the party Syarhei Kalyakin informed ERB about it.

“I would like to stress that suspension does not mean that it will not happen. The case may be restarted at any moment. The Ministry of Justice only has to send an appeal asking the Supreme Court to do it”.

Syarhei Kalyakіn thinks that the suspension is connected with some general political processes in the country.

“There is some political trade in process. They stopped the liquidation of the BCP – I think it is good.  The fact that people are being released from prisons is also good. We will see; maybe the time when the authorities have understood that they have to make some steps on the way of democratization in Belarus has come”.