Sociologists: Belarusians’ attitude to Russia improved


The Independent Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies has published the latest survey results. There was a tendency to strengthening pro-European attitudes in Belarus in the past few years and the attitude to Russia was becoming ‘colder’, sociologists noted. However, the tendency has changed to the opposite now.

According to the IISEPS, if a referendum on uniting Belarus and Russia was held now, 29.3% of the pollees would vote pro and 47.7% – contra (the corresponding numbers were 23.9% and 51.4% in December 2013).

30.2% would vote for joining the European Union and 44.3% – would vote contra (35.9% and 34.6% in December).

51.5% would choose Russia over the European Union (32.9%) if such a hypothetic referendum was held now (36.6 and 44.6% in December).

Only 8.6% of the pollees approve of “some politicians’ appeals to cancel the World Ice Hockey Championship in Minsk if the country does not stop violating human rights”. 47.9% do not like the appeals and 39.2% do not care.  

63.8% of the pollees think that Belarus will be closer to Russia in 10 years and only 19.2% think that it will be closer to the European Union.

The main reason for the change in Belarusians’ opinion is the events in Ukraine, IISEPS experts believe.

Photo: Reuters