Shooter Raman Hryshaeu wins new Fiat and refuses it


The sportsman has not managed to pay 3 thousand euro for customs clearance. However, taking into account his current scholarship, he would have to spend 65 years to collect the money for the car.
Hryshaeu: All my relatives were against it. Why… wouldn’t we be able to collect the money? But when I explained it to everyone they understood me and supported me.

The shooter says he did not participate in the competition to get the car. He wanted to win and to draw attention to the sport that was removed from the Olympic programme after last summer’s Olympics.

Hryshaeu: I have proved it to myself, to our administration and to the international union that shooting at a moving target should not be removed. But I am the only one like that…

However, he says he did not have enough time to think what to do with the car. He had to leave on the same day. So Raman took the decision to refuse it because, according to Belarusian laws, he would have to pay about 3 thousand euro for customs clearance:

Hryshaeu: I do not have a driving license so the car would be idling at the beginning. It was not easy for me to refuse it because it is money and everyone needs it. But I am a sportsman and I’m not used to dealing with clearing cars. I am on the stage and my aim is shooting well.

ERB analyzed that the guy could have got about 10 or 11 thousand euro if he had found the money for customs clearance, paid the taxes and sold the car. But the idea did not occur to him. The coach Uladzimir Kavalenka was not around either. He could have suggested something though he thinks that Raman’s victory is well-deserved:

Kavalenka: He was the best at the European Championship. I was ready for Raman’s good performance. Speaking about the super final … It is a lottery because he was only 0.2 points ahead.

Raman says he is still young and will earn money to buy a car because he did not really like the Fiat “Panda” he won. But taking into account his present scholarship of 44.200 BRB he would have to collect money for 65 years. The shooter thinks that the prize should have been something else but a car.

Hryshaeu: A plot in the Channel Islands.  Joking. New weapons are the best prize for a sportsman.

The organizers promised to compensate for accommodation of the sportsman during tournaments for the next two years for his refusal.