Sentence of Belarusians imprisoned for cough medicine reduced to 9 years


Moscow court has not satisfied the appeal but has shortened the term of imprisonment by five years. Now lawyers are getting ready “to continue the struggle” and hope that both Belarusians will be released.
A discussion of an appeal concerning the sentence pronounced to the two Belarusians has taken place in Moscow today. Let us remind you that Alyaksandr Chachurau and Syarhei Lahun were sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment for “Tussal” pills.

The court did not satisfy their appeal but the term of imprisonment was shortened from 14 to 9 years. The lawyer Stanislau Markelau informed ERB about it.

“They did not change the articles according to which the Belarusians were imprisoned and gave me an opportunity to struggle for the release of Chachurau and Lahun”.

Let us remind you that both Belarusians were detained in Moscow on March 7. They were accused of smuggling. Alyaksandr Chachurau and Syarhei Lahun were engaged in selling medicines on the Internet and brought 1 thousand packages of “Tussal” to Moscow after hey had received such an order.

These pills are available in all Belarusian drug-stores but they are forbidden in Russia because they are considered to be a strong psychotropic agent. It turned out that members of the State Control Committee turned out to be the buyers who had made the order.

The police call it “effective actions”. The Moscow lawyer of the Belarusian “drug dealers” calls such police actions “a provocation”.

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