Sciana presents EP_2013 (listen & download)


The Brest band Sciana changed their trademark saxophone sound to the electronic keyboard and got down to recording a new album with enthusiasm.

"I think we have only benefited from the changes in the squad," producer Zmitser Nazarau explains to Euroradio the positive sides of replacements in the band, - We now have a fully formed team of people who know where they should move. There's a very creative atmosphere in the band now, this is why the album was made quickly, with no problems. The sound became more contemporary and more interesting." 

According to Nazarau, all songs of this mini-album will be included into the full-length album. The EP, as well as the new album, is meant to reflect the musicians feelings and the recent events. However, the mini-album includes well-known compositions as well: the famous "Kalychanka" 2007 and "Belarus-Ukraine" - the duet of Sciana and the Ukrainian band "Rolliks". However, the songs have been changed a little.

"We've been here for 14 years by now and we are not ashamed of what we've done," Zmitser Nazarau continues, - We stand for the high-quality Belarusian music to Belarusian lyrics: we need to raise up the level. Many people have a stereotype that the Belarusian music is something like "la-la-la" and political lyrics with some "fighter" ideas. No. We are struggling with ourselves and with the situation that is happening in our showbiz. We stand for the high-quality music. We care about the lyrics, the arrangements, the recording process and what we present to people."

Sciana plan to make a video to one of the songs from the "New Wave". Naturally, the musicians also plan to give several gigs in support of the CD, which is expected to be released in autumn.