Russian ambassador discloses location of nuclear weapons storage facility

Nuclear weapons to be deployed in western Belarus /
Nuclear weapons to be deployed in western Belarus /

"Nuclear weapons will be deployed in Belarus despite the outcry raised in Europe and the United States," said Russian Ambassador Boris Gryzlov in his interview with the STV channel.

He referred to the fact that the United States has placed its nuclear weapons in Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Turkey. Therefore, he said, Russia must improve the security of the union state.

"Russia and Belarus are the territory of the Union State, and it is legalized, unlike the territories of other countries where the U.S. deploys its nuclear weapons. They are just their puppets, we have this common space," the Russian representative said.

Gryzlov also said that tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus "will be brought closer to the western borders of the Union state.

Vladimir Putin said on March 25 that tactical nuclear weapons would be deployed on the territory of Belarus. According to him, Aliaksandr Lukashenka had asked for this a long time ago. A special storage facility for these weapons is to be built by July 1, 2023.

The statement caused a wide resonance in the world and was even discussed at the UN Security Council. The US State Department called the plans "another example of irresponsible rhetoric".

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