Russia is still not interested in Belarusians forbidden to go abroad


As ERB has found out, Belarusians forbidden to go abroad can still easily do it from Russia. They should have a boarding pass and a normal passport (not fake). Neither the border control service, nor the Federal Security Service pays any attention to the “Departure refused” punch at Moscow airports. “The green corridor Belarus-Europe” for opposition members forbidden to go abroad started in Moscow and Kiev airports. The insuperable Belarusian border and its scrupulous frontier guards could be easily avoided with the help of “Aeroflot”.  Either the list of our citizens forbidden to leave the country could not reach Russian frontier guards or they simply did not pay attention to it. However, A Belarusian with the “Departure refused” punch was detained in “Sheremetiyevo-2” airport on October 17 for the first time. He tried to leave for Warsaw. The Belarusian was Franak Vuachorka, the leader of “BNF Youth”.

ERB has tried to find out whether the accident became “the first signs” meaning that Russian frontier guards would not restrict themselves to a simple conversation with such Belarusians and that planes would not wait for them. However, the Federal Security Service of “Sheremetievo-2” informed ERB that they were not interested in the fact that a Belarusian citizen may be on the list of people forbidden to leave Belarus and has a special punch in the passport.

FSS of “Sheremetievo-2”: “We are not interested in it. Ask frontier guards about it, I am not authorized to answer such questions”.

“Domodedovo” airport frontier guards told ERB what was important for Belarusian citizens going through the border check-point:

“Domodedovo”: “We only need their passports and tickets. The passport should be okay and that’s it. We can only ask a few questions when we see that punch. If everything else is “clean” it will be okay”.

However, they refused to tell ERB whether they had received the list of Belarusians forbidden to go abroad.

“Domodedovo”: “Nobody will tell you the information. They can only answer something if there is an official enquiry about it”.

The deputy head of the Belarusian Department on Migration and Citizenship Alyaksei Byahun did not comment on the fact whether Russian frontier guards had the list or not either. However, he admitted that they were very much worried about Russian colleagues completely ignoring the Belarusian interdiction to go abroad. The Department has no idea how to change the situation.

Alyaksei Byahun: “It is difficult to comment on incidents that took place (the detention of Franak Vyachorka - ERB) or will take place. It is another state. What will their attitude to it be like?..”

Meanwhile, the Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski will meet a delegation of the Belarusian opposition in Warsaw today. The leader of the UCP Anatol Lyabedzka forbidden to leave the country is among the invited. ERB phoned the politician when his was on the way to his plane at Kiev airport.

Anatol Lyabedzka: “I am in Kiev, at the airport. I am going to leave for Warsaw soon. I think there will be no problems other than a sudden change in the weather that may become a political factor”.

It is not clear whether the West will continue its close cooperation with the Belarusian opposition and invite them to various seminars and congresses, but it is evident that “the air corridor” is still available for the opposition and  other Belarusians forbidden to leave the country.