White-red-white flag and "Chaser" coat-of-arms - state symbols 20 years ago

An extraordinary session of the BSSR Supreme Council took place in September 1991. The session approved the new name of the country - the Republic of Belarus - on September 19. On the same day, the deputies approved the white-red-white flag and the "Chaser" coat-of-arms as state symbols.

The symbols were abolished at the referendum on May 14, 1995. The majority of population then voted for the current coat-of-arms and the red-green flag. The opposition did not recor=gnize that referendum as it violated the Constitution.

Literally in a day after the referendum, manager of Lukashenka's administration Ivan Tsitsiankou tore the white-red-white flag into pieces, giving authographs on each of them, on the roof of the presidential residence.