Social protection department to be located where Paznyak used to work


An employee of the Housing Repairs and Utilities
Association of the Soviet district of Minsk has told Euroradio about it.

employee of the HRUA:
 "These premises have
been provided to the social protection services. They are repairing the
building so far, but the decision on them has already been taken. You should
realize that social protection services help the unprotected people. And this
office is on the first floor, there's no need for barrier-free environment,
nothing of the kind".

Previously, the Housing Repairs and
Utilities Association rented the office and had good incomes from that.
However, it was ordered to give this office to the social protection
department. Euroradio's vis-a-vis says that they did ask the opinion of the
local communal services, but "not very eagerly".


In the photo: BPF party ousted of their
office in July 2011.
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