Paralympics Champion Ihar Bokiy: I plan to get to the Olympics


Ihar Bokiy
the youngster who became a real discovery at the Paralymics in London, having won 4 golden and one siver medal.

Ihar competes with sportsmen in the B-3 eyesight category. In a word, this is the intermediate state between disability and just poor eyesight. Such swimmers do not need their coaches to prompt them during the swims - they see the swimway and can change the position by themselves when they reach the board.

Photo from Ihar Bokiy's personal archive

So we call straight to London, to the Chief of the Belarusian mission, who gives the phone to our hero.

"I don't like speaking about my health problems, — Ihar Bokiy says. — I don;t wear glasses either - i feel uncomfortable in them".

So, we look at his pages in the social networks and see a vivid youngster. Poems, training plans, things like how I miss my girlfriend, and more than a hundred funny pictures.

What are your plans for the future? Will you compete with Michael Felps?

Ihar Bokiy: "Yes-yes, I have it in my plans, I would like to compete with healthy people. I hope to get to the next Olympics, to struggle there as well, to make a good competition".

Can medical examinations disrupt your plans?

Ihar Bokiy: "Vice versa, it is approved when a Paralympic athlete competes with the healthy".

Ihar Bokiy left for London as a totally unknown athlete, and returned to Belarus on September 12 already as a sports legend. The state should pay tge swimmer 230 thousand USD: 50 thousand for each golden medal and 30 thousand for the silver.