Füle: EU will continue sanctions against those who violate human rights

“The European Union will continue sanctions against those who violate human rights”, — this is how European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy Štefan Füle commented expansion of the "black list" of Belarusian officials, Euroradio's correspondent Zmicier Lukashuk reports from Brussels.

Let us remind you, the Council of Foreign Ministers of the European Union added 16 more people to the list. Among them there are Minister of Taxation and Revenue Uladzimir Paluyan, and also public prosecutors and judges, who, in the opinion of the European politicians, are connected with human rights violation. 

Valery Kamisarau (Judge)
Uladzimir Stsyapurka (Judge)
Syarhej Khrypach (Judge)
Vasil Nazaranka (Judge)
Volha Kamarouskaya (Judge)
Victoria Zaitsava (Judge)
Tamara Unukevich (Judge)
Ihar Krot (Judge)
Uladzimir Khrobastau (Judge)
Lyudmila Ihnatovich-Mishneva (public prosecutor)
Syarhej Yarmalitski (head of Shklou colony)
Alyaksandr Kavalyou (head of Horki colony)
Uladzimir Paluyan (Minister of Taxation and Revenue)
Uladzimir Karnou (Judge)
Maxim Shastakou (public prosecutor)
Volha Herasimovich (public prosecutor)

Now the "black list" includes 208 people.

Alongside with that,  Füle noted in his speech to the journalists that the EU would continue to support the democratic community in Belarus.

“The European Union is now looking for new ways and opportunities to support the democratic society in Belarus”, — the European Commissioner said.