Fragments of Urals meteorite found near Chebarkul lake (photo, video)

Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Committee on Meteorites Victor Grokhovsky of the Urals Federal University has informed this to RIA Novosti.

Previously, it was reported that the scientists from the Urals Federal University went to Chelyabinsk with an expedition as they were authorized by the Committee on Meteorites to find the fragments after the wreckage of a celestial body.

"We have literally just finished our research, we confirm that the particles of the substance, found by our expedition in the Lake Chebarkul do have a meteoric nature, - the scientist says. - This meteorite is classified as a normal chondritis - a stone meteorite with iron content of about 10% . Most likely, it will be named "Chebarkul meteorite."

The meteorite exploded on Friday at an altitude of about 30,000 meters. Its fragments fell on the neighboring Chelyabinsk region of Russia, as well as to the north of Kazakhstan. More than a thousand people got injuries. They were searching the place of the meteorite fragments fall since Friday.

Photo -  AFP,