A deputy candidate is provided 15 minutes for a TV-speech


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BT: "The total time of a
candidate's being in the TV-studio is 15 minutes. A candidate may rehearse for
10 minutes and record his speech for 5 minutes, or record it straightaway for 5
minutes and leave the studio. If a speech takes just 2 minutes, he or she can
make 8 attempts! Everything depends on a candidate."

There's not much time. Do candidates prepare for their speeches beforehand?

Self-nominee Ihar
 had a day
to prepare his first speech but he decided not to waste time on rehearsals,
like let it be as it is. Now he confesses that it was bad. Therefore, he
decided to prepare better this time - he takes diction lessons.

Ex-presidential candidate Victar
not rehearse in front of the mirror either.

 "I will look straight into
the camera and tell concrete things. I hope the light and the sound will be
good, and that they will not make me look a 80-year-old as last time."

Acting deputy Valyantsina
says that she only thought of being on time.

 "There's such an
atmosphere in the studio that you will worry in any case and do something wrong
anyway... This is the human factor! You will worry whatever happens. As for
rehearsing in front of the mirror... You will not see the timer then! Therefore,
I checked the text carefully so that it wouldn't take more than 5 minutes!
That's it!"

Leader of the "Tell the Truth" campaign Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu used to
work on TV, so he prepares his candidates for TV-speeches before. Nevertheless,
he admits that one fourth of the candidates failed their speeches. He blames
himself - too much advice. 

"Tell the Truth" activist Tatsyana
her TV-speech for two days.

 "I could have rehearsed
for a week, but I don't know whether the term of preparation - a week or two
days - will affect the results".

The BPF party conducted a series of
trainings for their future candidates in the end of Autumn. The party Chairman Alyaksei Yanukevich says they also prepared several
variants of the text. Ryhor
the trainings but before the recording of his speech he did not rehearse - just
learned the text by heart. 

The district election commission disrupted the preparation of the Belarusian
Liberal Democratic party's candidates when they did not register Yauhen Kryzhanouski at first. 

 "It was a real shock, I
focused on collecting the documents for renewal. Therefore, I could not help my
party-mates. I saw their speeches... This is of course the results that they
are not artists".

added that the most important is not to rehearse the speech well, but to
believe in what you say.