Carl Bildt: Lukashenka starts burning the last bridges

European Ministers have expressed a harsh reaction to the Belarusian authorities’ decision to expel the head of the EU Representative Office and the Polish Ambassador.

"Lukashenka is getting more and more desperate. Withdrawing the Ambassadors of the EU and Poland is a step that will result in the European Union’s response. The dictator starts burning the last bridges. Normally does not end well”, - inform Polish mass media quoting Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt.

In the opinion of Lithuanian Minister Ažubalis, Lukashenka’s decision to withdraw the EU and Polish Ambassadors is a great mistake. “It is a shame that he has done it. It is not a wise step as withdrawing the Ambassadors who are essential for the dialogue is a proof of the fact that he does not want to continue the dialogue, claimed Audronius Ažubalis.

"To express solidarity and unity, it has been agreed that the ambassadors of the EU member states in Minsk will all be withdrawn for consultations to their capitals. All EU member states will also summon Belarusian ambassadors to their Foreign Ministries," — EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said in a statement dedicated to Belarus at an extraordinary meeting in Brussels.

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle signalled to express quick and harsh reaction by withdrawing his Ambassador from Minsk first. “The dictator is wrong if he thinks that he can intimidate us. We will react together. The EU and Poland can expect solidarity from Germany”, - claimed the Minister.