5 out of 24 Ministries' websites available in Belarusian


The Constitution
provides equal rights for both state languages. In reality, even the Ministries
do not stick to this law. For instance, there is no Belarusian version on the website
of the Ministry of Agriculture.


versions can be found on 17 out of 24 websites belonging to the Ministries. However,
English versions are not updated regularly.   

Only 5 out of
the 24 websites have Belarusian versions. And it is the main language of only one
website –  the website of the Ministry of
. I did not find the Russian and English versions there. The Ministry
says that the downtime is temporary.

In general,
all the Ministries' websites are alike. In Euroradio's opinion, the websites of
the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Transport and Economy have the best design. The
website of the Ministry of Sport can be noted for its vividness and the website
of the Ministry of Forestry - for language diversity. It is available in three languages
- Russian, English and German.