News of Hrodna and Hrodna region

George Orwell's antiutopia "1984"

There were rumors about a ban on its sale in Belarus.

Prosecutor Ala Kuzma

Halina Mikhalchuk was sentenced to 2.5 years in a minimum security penal colony.

Detention of Aliaksandr Pyatushkou / video footage

Aliaksandr was detained by riot police from Hrodna

Illustrative photo / Euroradio​

He voted for Alena Shalamitskaya, but at his station all votes are counted for Liliya Kiryak.

Manifestation of Korzh’s fans in Hrodna /

The police say there will be no administrative proceeding as there is no corpus delicti.


Guests form all over Belarus gathered at the beer festival near the ancient Lida Castle on Saturday.

Roman Pratasevich, Euroradio

The monument was solemnly unveiled near the Lida Castle with both official red-green and historical white-red-white flags around.

The spectacular event will be organized for the fourth time.


A Hrodna man is suspected of swindle, having caused losses of more than $1 million to several companies.