Lidbeer: Belarusian ‘Oktoberfest’ in Lida - in pictures

Lidbeer: Як у Лідзе прайшоў Актоберфэст па-беларуску

Lida has become a place uniting people who like beer, fun and endless drive for music. On 7 September, the ancient town hosted the Lidbeer festival for the fifth time.

This time around, there were no problems at the festival. The queues were bearable, there were enough food and recreation spots. The guests could enjoy a versatile entertainment program and did not have to sit in one place sipping their Lidskaye beer. They could taste various drinks, listen to street musicians, take a helicopter tour and go to an amusement park.

The gig featured Rapper Eljay, the bands Chaif and Spleen, AKUTE and other musicians among its headliners.

The festival ended with fireworks.