Protesters armed with sticks surround governmental area in Kiev (video)


Protesters armed with sticks and shields surrounded the governmental area in Institutskaya and Grushevski Streets and Mariinski Park. There are about 3 or 4 thousand people, UNIAN reports.

The police are surrounded. Over a thousand special squad soldiers are in Shelkovichnaya, Intitutskaya, Sadovaya, Lipskaya and Greushevski Streets and Krepostnoi Lane now. Some of them have fire arms.

A meeting of the Verkhovna Rada is being held today. Government supporters have gathered near the entrance.

The raid organized by the National Self-Defence was a warning manifestation, the website reports. The protesters returned to Maidan and Grushevski Street 10 minutes later. The aim of the today’s action was to make the Parliament consider the possibility of going back to the Constitution of 2004.

Photo: Reuters