Polish President suggests creating Baltic and Black Sea states bloc


Andrzej Duda who will officially assume the office of the President of Poland on August 6 has suggested a global political initiative. He would like to create a partnership bloc for all the countries from the Baltic to the Black Sea, information agencies report.

"I am an adherent of the strengthening of the states in this region – from the Baltic Sea towards the Adriatic and the Black Sea. These countries have common experience of the second half of the 20th century and similar problems in security and economy,” the politician claimed. By the way, the BPF Party advertised the idea of the Baltic-Black Sea Union in our country in t he 1990s.

Duda prefers Poland to be active in the international arena. There will be no dramatic changes in the foreign policy but some things will be changed a lot, he said.

He is interested in good relations with NATO and partnership with Germany and France, the Polish President claimed.