Police track people laying flowers to Taras Shevchenko monument (photo)

Minsker Darya Katkouskaya told Euroradio that policemen tried to write down the passport details of people who were heading for the Taras Shevchenko monument near the Ukrainian Embassy, she said.

Katkouskaya: “They came to write down people’s passport information. But I refused to give it to them. They started with journalists and then switched to me. But I said that I was not at work and that I was just passing by and wanted to lay flowers to the moment. I said that I was going to leave. They did not conflict.”

About a dozen bouquets were laid onto the monument, Katkouskaya said. Minskers are bringing them to express solidarity with Ukrainian Euromaidan.

Photo: Darya Katkouskaya’s Facebook 

Фота з фэйсбука Дар'і Каткоўскай