Petkevich says membership of consultative council is not finalized yet


The public consultative council, being set up under the Office of the President of Belarus, will not deal with human rights only, Natallia Petkevich, a deputy head of the presidential administration, said in an interview with Belapan.  The European Radio for Belarus reported earlier that the Belarusian Helsinki Committee had been invited to join the council. Representatives from both the state-run and non-governmental organizations were invited to take part in the operation of the council.

Petkevich maintains that representatives of political parties, including the opposition parties, could become members of the council. The names of personalities in the new structure will be made public after the picking of council members is finalized.

According to Petkevich, "the council is being set up in order to discuss the acute issues of the social and political development of the Belarusian society". The recommendations of the council "may be taken into account when decision-making is needed in various sectors of societal life", Natallia Petkevich said.