Pavel Sevyarynets to be released tomorrow


Pavel Sevyarynets told Euroradio:

“My term will end on October 19. The head of our unit said that it will end on Saturday morning, on October 19.”

He is not counting the days remaining until release, the politician said. He did not waste time during his term.

“Every term of imprisonment is the time for spiritual improvement for me. I thank God for everything. I have met a lot of interesting people here. I have added over 70 Pruzhany phone numbers to my phone book. I have received over 2.5 thousand letters. I have written over 80 essays for Nasha Niva. Thank God, as they say here,” Pavel Sevyarynets told Euroradio.

Pavel Sevyarynets was detained on December 20, 2010 after the events of the Square in Minsk. He was sentenced to three years of penal labour on May 16 for “preparation of actions rudely violating the order”. Sevyarynets spent part of the term in KGB prison.