Over 40% of tested mushrooms in Belarus contain radioactive cesium-137

According to the state institutionBellesakhova, in 41.9% of the tested mushrooms and 29.9% of berries was recorded increased level of cesium-137.

The tests were performed on the control ranges in the period from June to July. There were taken 280 samples of mushrooms and 842 of berries. In these 117 samples of mushrooms (41.9%) the concentration of cesium-137 exceeded the permissible level - 370 Bq/kg. The surplus concentration in the berries (185 Bq/kg) was found in 252 samples (29.9%). Maximum levels of cesium-137 in mushrooms reaches the value 8.760 Bq/kg, in berries - 2.635 Bq/kg.

The excess levels in mushrooms and berries were found in the territory of radioactive woodland forestries, except in Vitsebsk, BelaPAN reports.

Bellesakhova recommends to collect the berries and mushrooms, which "due to their biological characteristics have the minimum intake of radionuclides from the soil and forest litter." The group of mushrooms low and medium on cesium-137 includes: honey agaric, saffron, boletus, orange-cap boletus, chanterelle and some others. The berries - raspberries, blackberries, cranberry, strawberry, rowan.

Photo: interfax.by