The Organizing Committee for independence: Let LDP come

First deputy chairman of the LDP Aleh Haidukevich said that the party did not agree with much of what you can hear at the meeting. However, representatives of the LDP are ready to come to the Congress to voice their positions. "I am convinced that the majority of the Belarusian people will always be for the sovereignty and independence of our Belarus," said Haidukevich.

Chairperson of the Organizing Committee Alena Anisim heard about the LDP statement from Euroradio. In her opinion, this statement indicates that there is a need to establish a dialogue with the representatives of various forces who understand that the independence of Belarus is a great value. According to Anisim, the organizing committee of the Congress are ready to cooperate with LDP: 

Anisim: "If the Liberal Democratic Party would wish to join the cooperation, we will invite you to the organizing committee." 

It should be recalled that the congress is scheduled for the end of the year. The organizing committee includes such famous personalities such as Aleh Trusau, Uladzimir Kolas, Uladzimir Arlou and others.