Opposition refuses from primaries in Babruisk

Deputy head of the opposition United Civil Party Leu Marholin told Euroradio about the refusal from the primaries. The final decision will be made when Anatol Lyabedka is released from jail, he said.

Marholin: “We did not want to let down our supporters there because they were experiencing pressure from the KGB. What will happen now? We will discuss it when Anatol Lyabedzka is released. There are some ideas how we can avoid the pressure. However, it is still being discussed and I am not ready to speak about it now.”

The civil alliance Talaka planned to organize test primaries in Belarus. It consists of the United Civil Party, the Belarusian Party of the Left Fair World, four steering committees to organize Party of Workers, Belarusian Women’s Party Nadzeya, civil human rights association For Fair Elections, Belarusian Movement and the unregistered organization Young Belarus.

Photo: belapan.com