Opposition activist charged with "seizing" several centimeters of land in Vitsebsk region

Leanid Autukhou, an activist with the For Freedom! movement in the town of Haradok, Vitsebsk region is facing prosecution for having installed a cross near the village of Fralova. The cross was erected in late October to commemorate the victims of the 1918 anti-communist uprising, but was stolen by unidentified perpetrators three days later. In order to force the police open an investigation into the matter, Autukhou declared the cross his property.

On December 28, police charged the activist with the unauthorized seizure of land and took him for a trial in a local court.

The judge was not satisifed with the paperwork filed by police and forwarded the case for revision, reports ERB correspondent Yadviha Stasheuskaya from the Vitsebsk region.