New evidence in murder case of Alyaksandr Taraykouski (18+)

The moment when Alyaksandr Taraikouski died / a still shot from the video​

The murder of protestor Alyaksandr Taraykouski near Pushkinskaya metro station in Minsk was captured on video made from the side of the Aurora cinema. The video has been sent to the Euroradio editorial office recently.

Just like in the video that we published earlier, you can see that Taraykouski has nothing in his hands, although the police claimed that the 34-year-old Minsker died from an explosion of an unknown device that he wanted to throw at the security forces.

The main thing that we saw in this video was the second shot towards Alyaksandr. The security officer standing to his left made the shot. After the shot, Taraikouski, on whose shirt a large bloodstain is already visible, falls to the ground.

In our video, the moment is shown twice. First time -- as is, the way it was filmed. The second time -- with zoom and slower speed.

As far as Euroradio knows, no criminal case on the murder of Alyaksandr Taraykouski during the mass protests in Minsk has been opened.