Belarus MPs yet to see EAEU agreement text


The text of the agreement of the creation of the Eurasian Economic Union signed by Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan has not been presented to the Committee yet, Maksim Nestsyarenka, executive secretary of the International Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, told Euroradio.

“I have not seen it. I cannot help you, I do not know,” the official replied.

Lukashenka, Putin and Nazarbayev signed the long-expected agreement in Astana on May 29. However, the text did not appear in Belarusian governmental websites either before or after the signing. Probably, the final text appeared at the last moment, expert Yury Shautsou told Euroradio. That is why it was not published on time.

But 10 days has already passed! The Constitutional Court has not received the text of the EAEU agreement either. Neither the Council of Ministers, nor the Supreme Court, Parliament and the President’s Administration thought that it was necessary. However, we have found out that MPs would be glad to read the text of such an important agreement.

However, only one phone call to… the Kazakhstani MFA helped us find the text. It was published long before the signing, the Kazakhstani MFA press service noted.

“The document was published on the website of the National House of entrepreneurs before the signing. The House unites all Kazakhstani entrepreneurs. You can find it there.”

You can read it here. Maybe Belarusian MPs, Ministers and judges of the Constitutional Court will find it interesting.