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Nearly equal number of Belarusian and Russian language teachers in Belarus


The number of Russian and Belarusian language teachers in Belarus split almost 50/50 in 2018, according to the Education in Belarus statistical compilation released by BelStat.

There are 13328 teachers of foreign languages in Belarus - the highest among the total number of teachers in the country. This is almost the same amount of teachers of the Russian and Belarusian languages combined. The teachers of mathematics are in the second place (7220).

The teachers of Belarusian and Russian are in the third and fourth place, correspondingly. The language and culture of Belarus' titular nationality are taught by 6728 teachers. The language and literature of Belarus' eastern neighbor is lectured by 6680 teachers.

The full breakdown among all teachers is as follows:

foreign languages — 13 328;

math — 7220;

Belarusian language and literature — 6728;

Russian language and literature — 6680;

physical culture — 6322;

history and other related subjects — 4447;

labor — 3916;

physics — 3090;

chemistry — 2719;

biology — 2650;

music and singing — 2709;

other subjects — 2569.

informatics — 2476;

geography — 2388;

art — 971;

physical culture and health — 466.